George's passion for stone began in Western Europe while working on masonry projects in Traditional French architecture. He then moved to the United States and continued his career in stone as a fabricator in Southern Michigan. After 20 years of perfecting the technique of cutting, chiseling, polishing, leathering, and installing the finished stone, George embarked on a journey of starting his own company in 2006 in Springfield, Missouri. With God's help, he along with his family worked tirelessly to bring the artistic aspects of natural stone to many homes and projects in Southwest Missouri.


In the late 80's and early 90's, George recalls that the stone countertop industry was still relatively new with many of the work being done by hand with hand tools. That hands on experience helped form the quality and workmanship that George applies to the stone cutting and fabrication process. George, his family, and the employees of Custom Granite and Tile, take pride in the work that they do to help homeowners and builders reach their goal of constructing a beautiful home. Looking back George is satisfied that he was able to apply all the hard work needed to bring to fruition the client's ideas and creativity into their homes. Looking forward, with a new CNC Router, Robot Saw Jet, and 17 employees, George is humbled to be in the stone industry and helping customers in the Ozarks reach their goal creating their perfect home.

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